What would Jesus wear?

2007-10-10 15:28:02 by North-Chain

Which colours look better on Jesus Ng?

What would Jesus wear?


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2007-10-10 15:40:04

Black and gray. The white one would be to offending to people like me.


2007-10-10 16:26:55

black & gray!!!


2007-10-10 16:33:17

I whould say the white lppks more like Jessus, but thats just my opinion


2007-10-10 16:57:01

I would say white ;)


2007-10-10 18:59:58

they're both pretty good. you should combine black and white. maybe in a swirl? or a superhero costume style- with 1 color on the sides under the sleeve (in the armpit) down the side, and the other everywhere else? it would be interesting to see some experiments on color combos.

North-Chain responds:

I like the way you think , I will have to try two colours in one, tanks for the input.